Story of Hope - May/June 2021 - Beauty for Ashes

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Beauty for Ashes

by Maribeth Stevens, volunteer

When Ada met Ledi, our TWR Women of Hope team leader in Albania, the first words she spoke through her tears were, “My father has killed my boyfriend.” Her story is one of significant loss, but also of restoration.

After graduating from college, Ada left her hometown to find work, met a man and fell in love. Although they wanted to get married, her family would not approve, because he was divorced and had children. So, family members tried to beat her into submission. When she did not comply, her father fatally stabbed her boyfriend – ending up in prison himself.

Then Ada found out she was pregnant. Finding no support at home, she immigrated to Sweden, where she gave birth to her daughter. But seven months after giving birth, Ada was denied asylum and returned to Albania. Life as a single mom was difficult, and she needed help. Through the recommendation of a missionary friend in Sweden, Ada contacted the Mother and Child Foundation, which referred her to our TWR Women of Hope team.

Our team counselled her and provided food, baby food and a solar radio while introducing her to Women of Hope programmes. She needed to move back to her hometown, where the cost of living was less. But before she left, our team connected Ada to a local church and several close friends. These friends reached out to her with love and assistance. Ada joined them in attending church and eventually gave her life to Jesus.

Ada told Ledi, “I never thought I would meet people like you in Albania. You have showed me God’s love with your care. … You are more than a sister to me.”

Ada’s life has been restored, and Ledi recently shared, “I was amazed last week when she wrote to me about how she could pray for me.”

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