Hidden treasures

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Hidden Treasures is an audio drama developed by TWR Women of Hope in partnership with European Freedom Network (EFN) who helps the Body of Christ in Europe work together to combat human trafficking. This programme is not aired on the radio, but distributed on microSD cards for cell phones or hand-held devices by organizations and individuals working on behalf of women trapped in human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women have become worldwide problems that have a devastating impact on women, their families, and their communities. When humans are sold as commodities, their lives and the lives of those around them are ruined.

Hidden Treasures uses the power of media to bring inner healing and freedom to sexually exploited and trafficked women. Through audio dramas inspired by real events and crafted with professional advice, women are presented with the life-changing message of God’s great love and purpose for them.

The audio drama consists of ten drama episodes with ten scripture episodes.

Based on real life stories

Brings hope and offers healthy, wise choices while introducing Jesus and his powerful, passionate love.

Speaks into relevant topics to women caught in human trafficking and searching for answers

The listener will hear her own story told by the voices of Klara, Vanessa, or Monica.

Use this link to access the episodes on the website www.hishiddentreasures.com


I have listened to the Hidden Treasures series. I think it is phenomenal! While listening to what happened to the women, I had to think about my own life.

The social worker in the story, her love and care are as wonderful as the love and care of the Christian social workers I have met.

We are so thankful for the Hidden Treasures Audio Drama. It is on a biblical basis and gives the women a clue that transformation is possible! Another good thing is, that nobody needs to read anything—you can just listen!

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