A Story of Hope - August 2018

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*Mirela’s husband of 11 years was often abusive and never involved in the lives of their children, ages 8 and 6. One day he beat Mirela in front of the children and locked her in a room. The children cried and ran to the neighbors for help. The police came, and her husband spent two months in prison.

When he returned, Mirela wanted to forgive him, but he wanted revenge. Her own family told her to stay with her husband because husbands have the right to beat their wives.

Mirela took her children to a shelter for victims of domestic violence. While there, she received a solar radio from the TWR Women of Hope Albania team and found that the Christian radio programs, including Women of Hope, brought joy into her heart.

Mirela found an apartment and the Albanian team helped her with gifts of food and clothes. Mirela leaves her children alone at 6 every morning as she heads to work. She pays a school bus to take them to school and bring them home. Almost all her salary goes for the school bus, rent, water, and electricity. Their home is very cold, so they wear winter clothes inside.

The children attended the radio station’s Christmas show. Although they heard the song only once, they love to sing “Emmanuel, God With Us.” During one of the visits, the team asked Mirela if she wanted to accept Jesus into her life as her Lord and Savior, and she said, “Yes.” As they prayed together, Mirela’s eyes were filled with joy and hope.

*name is changed