One minute devotion - How does God see me?

Posted in One minute devotions

This week I heard a famous Bible teacher state that how a person answers two questions significantly shapes their lives. The two questions are, “What do I think about God?” and “What do I think about myself?”

Unless we continually go back to the Bible for the answers to these two questions, we may find that we have an inaccurate view of both God and ourselves. If our view is distorted, we may try to gain acceptance from others through our accomplishments, physical appearance or pleasing others.

But God calls us to look to him for our true identities. We have value as ones who are created in the image of God. We have been chosen by God to be his adopted daughters and sons. We are loved.

Will you join me in trusting what God says about us and say, “I believe you, Father. I am loved and I belong to you.”